Fu-Yun Wang

Fu-Yun Wang (Pronounced as "Foo-Yoon Wahng" IPA: [fu˧˥ yn˧˥ wɑŋ]) is a first-year Ph.D. student at MMLab@CUHK, supervised by Professor Xiaogang Wang and Professor Hongsheng Li.

Prior to this, he obtained his B.Eng. from Nanjing University in 2023 with first honor, supervised by Professor Han-Jia Ye and Dr. Da-Wei Zhou in the LAMDA Group.

Currently, he works on diffusion acceleration. He is also interested in building innovative generative vision applications. He works closely with Dr. Zhaoyang Huang.

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Phased Consistency Model

Fu-Yun Wang, Zhaoyang Huang, Alexander William Bergman, Dazhong Shen, Peng Gao, Michael Lingelbach, Keqiang Sun, Weikang Bian, Guanglu Song, Yu Liu, Hongsheng Li, Xiaogang Wang
arXiv. 2024
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AnimateLCM: Accelerating the Animation of Personalized Diffusion Models and Adapters with Decoupled Consistency Learning

Fu-Yun Wang, Zhaoyang Huang, Xiaoyu Shi, Weikang Bian, Guanglu Song, Yu Liu, Hongsheng Li
arXiv. 2024
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Gen-L-Video: Multi-Text to Long Video Generation via Temporal Co-Denoising

Fu-Yun Wang, Wenshuo Chen, Guanglu Song, Han-Jia Ye, Yu Liu, Hongsheng Li
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Be-Your-Outpainter: Mastering Video Outpainting through Input-Specific Adaptation

Fu-Yun Wang, Xiaoshi Wu, Zhaoyang Huang, Xiaoyu Shi, Dazhong Shen, Guanglu Song, Yu Liu, Hongsheng Li,
European Conference on Computer Vision. ECCV 2024.
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Motion-I2V: Consistent and Controllable Image-to-Video Generation with Explicit Motion Modeling

Xiaoyu Shi*, Zhaoyang Huang*, Fu-Yun Wang*, Weikang Bian*, Dasong Li, Yi Zhang, Manyuan Zhang, Kachun Cheung, Simon See, Hongwei Qin, Jifeng Dai, Hongsheng Li
Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques.SIGGRAPH 2024.
SIGGRAPH 2024 Technical Papers Trailer
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Rethinking the Spatial Inconsistency in Classifier-Free Diffusion Guidance

Dazhong Shen, Guanglu Song, Zeyue Xue, Fu-Yun Wang, Yu Liu,
IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.CVPR 2024.

FOSTER: Feature Boosting and Compression for Class-Incremental Learning

Fu-Yun Wang, Da-Wei Zhou, Han-Jia Ye, De-Chuan Zhan
European Conference on Computer Vision. ECCV 2022.
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BEEF: Bi-Compatible Class-Incremental via Energy-Based Expansion and Fusion

Fu-Yun Wang, Da-Wei Zhou, Han-Jia Ye, De-Chuan Zhan
Eleventh International Conference on Learning Representations. ICLR 2023.
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FACT: Forward Compatible Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning

Da-Wei Zhou, Fu-Yun Wang, Han-Jia Ye, Liang Ma, Shiliang Pu, De-Chuan Zhan
IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.CVPR 2022.
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PyCIL: A Python Toolbox for Class-Incremental Learning

Da-Wei Zhou*, Fu-Yun Wang*, Han-Jia Ye, De-Chuan Zhan
SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences. SCIS.
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Awards & Honor

  • 2023 HKPFS (Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme)
  • 2023 Outstanding Graduate of Nanjing University
  • 2023 Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis of Nanjing University
  • 2022 Sensetime Scholarship
  • 2022 Huawei Scholarship
  • 2021 National Scholarship


    Reviewer of TPAMI, TCSVT, PRL, CVPR2023, NeurIPS2023, ICLR2024, CVPR2024, ICML2024, ECCV 2024, BMVC 2024